Becoming a Foster

What to expect from us.

Our fosters should always have certain expectations of us, as a rescue. We will never drop a cat off at your house and leave you wondering what to do next. Our promises to our fosters are simple. We will always be there for you to address your concerns about the cats. Our main goal is to make sure that they are happy, healthy, and are doing the best that they can. Especially since most of our babies come from situations that are less than ideal.

You can expect us to provide all of the food, litter, and supplies for you to be able to effectively foster the cats.

You can expect for us to provide vaccinations and medical care to every feline within the rescue.

You can expect us to find the VERY best home that will fit the needs of your foster cat or kitten. Our rescue is not “first come first serve”, and instead we focus more on the animal and how well they will do in their new home. That means that our adoption process can sometimes be a little bit slower, but we are okay with that.

What we expect from you.

As mentioned above, most of of the cats and kittens come from situations that are not desirable. But the one thing that they ALL have in common is that they are displaced. Whether you take in a cat or a kitten, they will need time to decompress and get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of their temporary home. One of the first things, and most important parts of fostering, is giving the new feline in your home some time to just get used to the changes.

Some of the cats and kittens that come into our care are sick. For that reason, we ask that you keep your foster away from your pets for at least three weeks while we do everything that we need to do. Every cat is felv/fiv tested, but there are also sicknesses like panleukopenia that can strike a household. This is why we require that all of the pets in your home are fully vaccinated. If they are sick, they will be receiving medication that you will need to provide. If that’s something you’re not comfortable with then we will find you a foster that doesn’t require that level of care! Usually administering medicine is very easy, and we will even show you how to do it!

We expect you to be able to give the level of care required for the feline! If you accept a bottle baby, then we will teach you how to care for it, and expect you to be able to follow the guidelines set forth by the experts. The same with any sort of special needs cat. Again, there is no pressure to accept one of these cats into your home! We want you to enjoy your fostering experience and realize that there are levels to fostering!

Right now, due to Covid, we are not performing in-store adoptions, so mostly everything is virtual. Given that, we would require lots of pictures and videos of your foster so we can document their journey to prospective adopters. Being able to tell them the story of their new family member is often appreciated, and we do like to provide that whenever possible! This also means that we need to make arrangements for virtual meet and greets with adopters so they can at least see the kitty and talk to the foster about the personality. We have found this to be invaluable when placing cats, and have had very returns because of it. The adopter knows exactly what they are getting and whether the cat will fit into their household.

I know this seems like we expect a lot of you, but in reality, it’s not as tough as it seems. A loving home where the cat will receive affection and learn how to just be a cat is what we are striving for. We want you to treat them as you would your own pets in that regard.