OHW Foster Agreement

This agreement is made and hereby entered into on this day, noted below, between Operation Healing Whiskers, referred to as “OHW”, and the foster, hereafter referred to as “The foster”, for the care of rescued cat(s) awaiting adoption. Both parties agree to the following terms of foster care:

  • The foster agrees to provide housing and care for the cat(s), to include but not limited to proper food as provided by the rescue to the foster, water, and loving attention. The environment must be safe. Foster agrees to NEVER let the cat(s) outside or leave in a car.
  • The foster agrees to notify OHW if the cat(s) shows signs of illness, to include, but not limited to, sneezing, wet or runny eyes, diarrhea, loss of appetite, or any other indication the cat(s) is not well.
  • The foster agrees that isolation of the foster cat(s) is necessary for the safety of the foster’s personal pets and for the safety of the foster cat(s).
  • The foster hereby agrees that the foster cat(s) belongs to OHW and is not authorized to rehome the pet or act as an agent/representative beyond fostering.
  • The foster agrees that OHW retains all legal rights and control of this cat(s), and the foster is not authorized to make any legal or medical decisions on his/her behalf. This includes administering medications without veterinarian guidance and OHW’s consent, etc. OHW retains the right at their discretion, for any reason, to visit foster’s home to check on the welfare of the cat(s) and to retain physical possession of the cat(s) at any time
  • The foster agrees to bring the cat(s) to all adoption events unless notified by an OHW representative not to, or other arrangements have been made for transport.
  • The foster agrees to transport the cat(s) to all necessary appointments unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • The foster agrees to notify OHW immediately if cat(s) is lost or stolen.
  • If the foster decides to permanently adopt the cat(s), the foster shall notify OHW. Upon approval, established adoption procedures and protocols will be followed, to include filling out an adoption contract and paying the adoption fee.
  • If the foster is unable to continue fostering the cat(s), you must give OHW reasonable time to find a suitable replacement foster.
  • OHW makes no guarantee and/or promises regarding the cat(s) and their disposition, temperament, future health, or personality.
  • The foster agrees to foster cat(s) at the foster’s own risk, and indemnify and release OHW Rescue, its’ founders, board of directors, and volunteers of any liability arising from damages to person(s) or property caused by the cat(s).
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