OHW Surrender Information

Surrendering your pet

We understand that needing to rehome your pet isn’t always an easy decision. We ask that when you are responding to the questions on this form that you are brutally honest about your cat, and why you are giving it up.

If there’s a behavioral issue, then please be as informative with your answers as possible so we can be certain that we can assist you, and your pet.

Knowing these things will make sure that we are the right fit to help, and that we can place your pet into a forever home that will work for them.

Did you find a cat?

Certain steps must be followed before you can surrender a found cat to a rescue.

  • Have you had the cat scanned for a microchip?
  • Have you posted on pawboost.com to search for the owner? Published a free ad in the Fayetteville Observer?
  • Have you performed a ten day stray hold on the cat and exhausted all legal avenues to find the owner?

    If you have followed the law and still are unable to locate the owner, please answer the questions in the form as thoroughly as you can.